6 Questions to Ask Before You Renovate

By Code Authority
May 21, 2019

Take a moment to go turn on your TV and go through some channels. Chances are, you’ll see a remodeling show! From Fixer Upper to Property Brothers to Flip or Flop — and even the Vanilla Ice Project — the list goes on and on. Remodeling is hot!

But before you go jumping into your own remodeling project, there’s six big questions to ask before you renovate:  

Are you Renovating For Yourself — or For Your Home’s Next Owner?

If it’s your “home for life,” then do what you want! But if you’re looking to resell, you need to consider how a remodel will affect your home’s value. That said, be mindful of your budget and don’t overspend.

Pro Tip: If you bought your house for $75,000, but houses comparable to yours are selling for $100,000, don’t spend more than $25,000.

Are Top-of-the-Line Appliances Necessary?

Make sure you have room in your budget before you purchase all the shiny new gadgets for your home. While high-quality appliances are always advisable (and attractive to prospective buyers), make sure you stick to a strict budget and prioritize the different elements of your renovation. Consider what kinds of changes are best for your home. And don’t overspend just because you can.

Do You Have a Contractor That You Trust?

If your contractor says you shouldn’t do something, they’re probably right. Take your advice where you can get it, and rely on the experts. If they advise you to get a quartz countertop instead of granite, at least consider it.

Is Your Home Having an Identity Crisis?

Your farmhouse shouldn’t have a super-modern twist. Adding a three-car garage to a Victorian or Colonial-style home just doesn’t feel right either. You really should try to maintain the general style of your home and keep things “on brand.”

Also, Make sure that the end result of your renovation is something you can keep up with, too. We’d all love open shelving, but that doesn’t mean we can handle all the dust, grease, and possible disasters.

Will You Be Following the Trends Too Closely?

There is such a thing as being too trendy. Remember, things like the pet rock and bell-bottom jeans were super-popular once, too. We remember when white kitchens were the new black — except now black is back! Trends change all the time. Make sure you do your research on trends so you can make the best decisions on what’s right for your home.

Do You Know Where Your Money Will Be Going?

Develop a sensible budget and stick to it. Also, constantly ask questions and get estimates. It’s okay to shop around, and to be curious about what’s going on in your project. You’re the one who’s going to live with the results!

We hope these questions are helpful to you when you’re deciding to do a home renovation. For many more helpful tips, check out our other blogs — or contact us today to schedule your free consultation!