Bathroom Flooring Ideas You Need to Implement Now

By Code Authority
August 3, 2019

Your bathroom’s floor can really make or break the comfortability of the room for your household members and guests. We have renovated numerous homes – all of which had different layouts, styles, and materials used for the remodel. That’s one of the most exciting aspects of remodeling a home – it’s completely unique to your situation.  

With numerous options to choose from, let’s delve into a variety of ideas for your upcoming bathroom renovation.  

Choose a Style 

The style of your home can play an important role in determining the style of your bathroom.  

If you’re looking to make a continuous statement throughout the home, keep the materials, colors, and décor consistent as to match the home’s other components. For example, if you want to carry the style throughout the home, consider using the same paint on the walls of the interior rooms.  

Those looking to start a home renovation project beginning with the bathroom should consider what their vision is for their house. Are you looking for a modern, farmhouse, or industrial look? Those themes have different materials that coordinate with the ‘look’ of the house.  

So, if you’re going to start implementing change, you can begin with the bathroom. Discover the styles and materials that typically coordinate by going online to websites such as Pinterest, HGTV, or Google for more inspiration. 

Discover Materials 

To determine the material of your bathroom floor, you must consider the activities that take place in the bathroom, how long you spend in the room each day, and what materials draw you into an area versus keep you away. Those factors can help you determine the right elements for you, so keep them in mind when viewing the list below: 


tile bathroom remodel

Popular tile choices include ceramic tile and porcelain tile for bathrooms. These materials are typically non-porous, easy to clean, and more cost effective than materials such as stone and wood. 

Drawbacks of implementing tile in the bathroom include cleaning the grout between tiles, lack of intricacy, and it is not as easy to install as laminate or vinyl flooring. 

Our tip: Choose tile for your bathroom if you need a cost-efficient flooring solution with easy maintenance.  


wood bathroom remodel

Wood floors for bathrooms are typically hardwood or engineered hardwood. The woods offer household members and guests more comfort than colder materials like stone and tile, as well as natural beauty whether it’s traditional or engineered hardwood. 

Unfortunately, wood is a very porous material. Liquids from the bathtub, shower, sink or personal care products could eventually damage or stain the wood and cause unsafe conditions leading to mold or mildew.  

Our tip: Wood is a good option for homeowners that are looking for natural beauty and are not afraid of replacing the floor if it gets damaged in the future. 


stone bathroom remodel

Natural stone and manufactured stone are additional materials renovators utilize in modern bathrooms. No two stones are alike, so this material provides you with a unique – and slightly textured – material that is durable. It gives the space a natural look, too. 

Stone is more expensive than the other products we’ve discussed. Both the material itself, along with the installation cost, is enough to keep people from going with the naturally beautiful element. 

Our tip: Use stone in your bathroom floor remodel if your home is needing or currently revolving around natural components.  


laminate bathroom remodel

Tile and wood grain are popular types of laminate flooring. Laminate floors are more cost-efficient than the previously mentioned materials while still offering the homeowners visual appeal of real materials such as tile or wood. 

Be careful when working with laminate, though. The material can tear easily, and it does not withstand water as well as other elements for bathroom floors such as tile. 

Our tip: Choose laminate for your bathroom if you don’t plan on staying in the home for long. The budget-friendly material is appealing to both the eye and the budget you’re sticking to. 

Determine the Size of the Elements 

You’ve chosen the materials and style of the flooring. Now, it’s time to determine the size of the materials you’re going to use. 

The materials you can implement in the bathroom all come in a variety of sizes. The options listed below are great choices for those looking to renovate with individuality in mind because the shapes and colors/stains of the materials are expansive. 





Contact a Remodeling Contractor 

Once you’ve determined the materials, style, and size of the elements, you should contact a reliable, professional contractor who can assist you in the bathroom renovation. They can help fulfill your vision without you having to do the work! 

If you’re having trouble determining the factors listed above, consulting a professional is a great idea. The contractors at Elegant Kitchen & Bath have years of experience communicating with clients about their remodel requests. A contractor can help you choose the look, materials, and style for your home while remaining conscious of your renovation budget. 

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There are a few steps to take when determining bathroom flooring ideas for your home.  

The style of your current home – or style you’re going for in the renovation – will help you determine the materials you might implement in the flooring project. Materials can depend on the style of the home, as well as the budget you are working with for the renovation. The sizes of the components will depend upon the materials you have chosen. Lastly, contacting a remodeling contractor is the best way to ensure the project is done professionally for long-lasting, high-quality results. 

If you are looking for a bathroom remodel contractor in the DFW area, request a free home renovation consultation, or give us a call at (469) 530-0940!