Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink for Your Kitchen Remodel

By Code Authority
September 27, 2019

Kitchen sinks are mostly used for cooking, but a sink’s purpose is not limited to mealtime! Many people choose to use the kitchen sink for bathing small children and pets, cleaning craft supplies like paintbrushes, and washing hands throughout the day.

Understanding how you plan to utilize your kitchen sink is the first step in determining what type of sink is right for your family’s kitchen. After going through some ways to mount a kitchen sink, you’ll discover the materials the sink can be made of, as well as gain an understanding of what kitchen sink designs could work in your household.  

Ways to Mount a Sink 

Now that you know the materials a sink can be made of and have an idea of what you’ll use the sink for, we can discuss the style of kitchen sink that’s right for you. Check out these options for a better understanding of how each type can assist you in day-to-day activities. 


undermount kitchen sink remodel

An undermount sink is anchored below the countertop and is supported by clips or other cabinetry structure. They don’t take up as much counter space as top-mount sinks, make it an attractive option for people looking for more room for kitchen activities. Arguably one of the more modern sink mounting options, this type of sink allows homeowners and guests to easily clean up the area without obstruction, as there is no rim for food and liquid to get trapped. 

These sinks can be more expensive than top-mount sinks, which can be seen as a drawback by some. The value is largely determined by the material of the sink itself, though. The mounting appliances and structure must be carefully considered before opting for this type of sink as well, as it could be hazardous to improperly mount the sink below the counter’s surface. Food and other components can also get lodged between the crevices where the sink and counter meet if not sealed efficiently.  


top mount kitchen sink

A top-mount sink is fastened over the edge of the countertop. Otherwise known as a drop-in sink, these sinks can be found more easily than other types of sinks in both home and hardware stores. The availability is in part due to the cost because drop-in sinks typically cost less than undermount and flush-mount sinks. People often opt for stainless steel bowls, which we’ll talk about in just a moment. Another reason homeowners, renovators, and contractors appreciate these sinks is because installation is easier than other types of mounted sinks.  

Top-mount sinks do have arguable drawbacks. The rim of the sink can take up valuable counter space that could be used for meal prep and other activities. Additionally, food and liquid spills cannot be easily swept into the sink when cleaning the area. Since the rim of the sink is on top of the countertop, items can get trapped easily along the border of the sink. Not only that, but the visual appeal of top-mount sinks is lacking to some, as it is not as seamless looking as undermount or flush-mount sinks.


flush mount kitchen sink remodel

A flush-mount sink is on the same plane as the countertop. Customization is one of the noteworthy features of this type of sink. Homeowners can make this aspect of the home truly reflect the style they’re looking to display because they’re usually made to order. Along with undermount, this type of sink is a great option for those looking for a seamless, clean kitchen and sink area. It has the same advantage regarding food and liquid cleanup, too.  

Unfortunately, getting a flush-mount sink ordered and installed is not as timely as undermount and flush-mount sinks because they are often made to order. This is also the more expensive type of kitchen sink, as the cost includes the price of both the countertop and the sink since it’s one seamless piece of material.  

Popular Sink Materials to Choose From  

Sinks come in a variety of materials. Those materials can either act as a cohesive plumbing fixture or an accent piece that people are drawn to look at when first entering the room.  

The following materials are recommended of sinks for a few reasons, most of which differ from one another. A factor that ties them together is durability. Kitchen sinks require materials that can withstand water, detergents, and other liquids, as well as the impact of utensils like knives and glassware.  

Stainless Steel  

Stainless steel is a cost-effective material used in millions of people’s kitchens. The material is meant for corrosion resistance, which means you could potentially slack on doing the dishes for a few days if you so choose. Stainless steel isn’t as heavy as other sink materials such as porcelain, and it’s not as breakable, too.  


This is one of the lesser-seen types of kitchen sinks, but that doesn’t make it an option unworthy of noting! Copper sinks often have ornate detail that craftsmen have applied to the bowl. The hammered copper is a beautiful addition to the kitchen, and it’s also highly resistant to nicks and scratches. Over time, the sink will likely lose its shininess just like a penny that’s been repeatedly handled does. Owners should take care of the material of the copper, as with other sink materials, by washing and rinsing it routinely with dish soap and water.  


You might think of farmhouse sinks when the term ‘fireclay’ is mentioned. This material is sleek and clean, drawing people in who love a clean, classic look. Due to the extensive process it takes to make fireclay, the material is often along a high price line. Plus, these sinks can chip and crack easier than other sink materials such as stainless steel.  

Granite Composite 

This material offers a modern feel to kitchens. It’s made from granite and resin filler, making it impressively durable. Granite composite is often a dark color, but some are light, so homeowners can choose whichever suits their style. The sink type is slightly more expensive than stainless steel yet provides a sleek look without paying for a fireclay sink. 

Need Kitchen Remodeling Assistance?  

One of the most thrilling aspects of kitchen renovation is choosing the components you want to be implemented. The kitchen sink has many purposes, from handwashing to food rinsing, which is why it’s one of the most important features of the kitchen. 

Renovators should put thought and effort into making it not only work for your family but benefit your family’s kitchen workflow. Elegant Kitchen & Bath’s expert bathroom and kitchen remodelers can assist you in the renovation process. From planning to execution, we’ll help you with everything and the kitchen sink!  

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