Undeniable Indicators That Your Home is Officially Dated

By Code Authority
November 20, 2019

There are so many ways you can beautify a house. Home décor styles change over time, though, and your house can easily become dated if you don’t remain aware of what’s fashionable and what’s not. 

Some people confuse the terms dated and outdated. Dated means it’s not a good look anymore, whereas outdated means it’s unusable or unsuitable for living. While you might not mind the way your home looks, there are a few reasons why you should ensure your home is always stylish

The resale value of your home can be boosted by modernizing features throughout the house, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, the functionality of a house can be improved by updating areas that aren’t being used to its full potential due to dated layouts or elements. Lastly, a dated house is arguably not as aesthetically pleasing as one that’s maintained and brought up to date on a regular basis. 

In this blog post, you can check out three aspects of your home that indicate your house is officially dated. Plus, gain some renovation inspiration to rid your home of the old decor and dated features for a more elegant, attractive living space. 


Remember when people installed carpet in bathrooms during the 1970s and thought it was a good idea? Well, mindsets change after experiencing the drawbacks that some flooring options come with when implemented in certain rooms. For example, soggy carpet… yuck! 

You’d never place carpet in a modern bathroom, which is why trends like that are dated. Whether aesthetics or functionality is being considered, here are a few other dated flooring trends you should rid of immediately: 

Modern Ideas

To bring your floors up-to-date, homeowners can install a mixed-width tile of the same color. You can also do this with hardwood if you’re interested in a warmer and more natural feel. Or, if you’re a fan of carpet, limit it to the bedroom – it will make your floors easier to clean and maintain. 


Walls are one of the most versatile aspects of your home. It’s basically a blank canvas that you can do anything to – not that you always should.  

When you walk into a house, you can look at the walls and guess how long it has been since you’ve remodeled. We support your love of homes with character, but if your home’s walls have any of the following characteristics, it’s time to consider renovating: 

Stylish Options

Paint your walls a neutral color with a regular paintbrush or roller. If you love texture, use pillows and other décor throughout the room to make the space pop in a fun way.  The same goes for color – skip painting walls a bold color and use decorations, which can be hung on the wall or placed elsewhere in the room, to create a space you’ll love. 


Countertops are often used throughout two main areas of the home: bathrooms and kitchens. From meal prep space to makeup application areas, counters typically need to be spill-proof and durable.  

These dated countertop materials have proven to be less than appreciable regarding usability and beauty: 

Updated Solutions

Solid slabs of granite, marble, or quartz work well as countertop materials in kitchens and bathrooms. Of the three, we recommend using quartz throughout your home. Learn more about why we choose quartz in our blog post about countertop materials

Update Your Home Today

By ensuring your home’s features aren’t dated, you create a space that is modern and approachable as opposed to old and unwelcoming. Our expert Dallas home renovation contractors can help you transform a house into a home by making it more elegant and ridding it of the features that aren’t in style. 

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