Do NOT Do These Things For Your Kitchen Renovation

By Code Authority
May 12, 2019

If you’re planning on renovating your kitchen, there are dozens of important decisions to make and hundreds of details to think about.

We’ve put together this list of ten things you should NOT do in your kitchen renovation:

  1. Don’t prioritize form over function. You know how you use your kitchen. If you have a certain way of cooking, make sure you take that into account while remodeling. Then ask yourself these questions:
    • Which appliance(s) do you use the most — oven, stove, microwave?
    • What can you do to increase your productivity without compromising your workflow?
    • Are you making design choices based on how good things look or how functional your kitchen needs to be?

  2. Don’t wait to choose appliances. In fact, we recommend choosing your appliances very early in the process! When renovating your kitchen, be sure to pick appliances that:
    • Fit your budget
    • Fit in your available space
    • Have all the features you want
    • Match the design and style of your kitchen

  3. Don’t forget to watch your budget. It’s easy to overspend on any home project — and the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. But you want to have some wiggle room at the end of your remodel, just in case you have any unforeseen issues and you need to cover any additional expenses. Keep an eye on your budget (your contractor should do the same!) and try to cut out any unnecessary costs or frills.

  4. Don’t clutter up the kitchen. We’d all love to have a gourmet kitchen with all the fun and expensive appliances and gadgets. But don’t overpopulate it! An island should be no longer than 10 feet and no deeper than 4 feet — otherwise it becomes more of a hassle (and something to walk around all the time) rather than a convenience. If you want more usable storage, you might want to split the island into two sections.

    Keep the scale of your kitchen in mind. Maybe a peninsula would work better to optimize your counter space and the flow of the kitchen. And of course, make sure you maintain the “kitchen appliance triangle” between your refrigerator, sink, and stove.
  5. Don’t change plans in the middle. You need to decide on a pretty strict plan before you start demolishing your existing kitchen! If you start adding features in the middle of the project, your budget could get out of control — and you’ll end up resenting the kitchen for the financial consequences it could bring. Also, stay on top of deliveries and make sure everything is correct before your contractor starts installing. (Another issue that can cost you more time and money.)

  6. Don’t forget Grandma. If you often host family and friends for get-togethers, parties, and holiday gatherings, you need to account for them in your kitchen renovation. You’ll want to have a kitchen with good flow, room for people to gather comfortably, and of course — adequate storage. If you have fine china, make sure you have room to keep all your dishes, holiday dishes, spices, kitchen utensils, table settings, and more.
  7. Don’t let too many things influence your choices. We recommend doing your research to find exactly what you want and like. There are tons of online resources — from home design sites to social media channels like Pinterest and Instagram — where you can find photos for inspiration. But don’t go by just one “pin” or “gram.” Make sure your style comes through. After all, you want your kitchen to feel like part of your house, not like a separate attachment. It needs to flow and feel like your space.

  8. Don’t skimp on the materials. Because your kitchen goes through so much wear-and-tear (see our blog post on Designing A More Durable Kitchen), make sure you pick the right materials. Granite, Quartz, or concrete countertops? (We have a blog on that, too.)

    What kind of sink — farmhouse, or with touch-activated faucets? Top-of-the-line appliances or cost-effective alternatives? Marble or glass-tile backsplash? Are you changing your flooring? If so, do you want hardwood or tiles? Lots of decisions to be made, and lots of options to choose from. And don’t forget to watch your budget!

  9. Don’t wait — renovate. If you’re not happy with the “status quo” kitchen, look into remodeling. (Check out our blog on questions to ask before you renovate.) Create a budget and start designing your dream kitchen. And when you’re ready to go…

  10. Don’t DIY this important project. Hire professional contractors. (In many states, this is mandatory.) Let the pros help you create your dream kitchen — we know what we’re doing!

When you’re ready to talk about your kitchen (or bathroom) remodel, contact the pros at Elegant Kitchen & Bath!