Designing a More Durable Kitchen

By Code Authority
June 3, 2019

Thanks to technological advances over the past 10 to 20 years, kitchens are more durable than ever. This is great news for anyone considering a kitchen remodel — since you know that if you do it the right way, your kitchen and everything in it will last longer and provide return on your investment.

Before starting any remodel or renovation, make sure you do your research on the materials you want to use — and if the contractor you hire is “on board” with those products. For example, man-made materials are far superior to natural materials, which require more maintenance and can show wear or even break over time.

We recommend that you consider these five materials when designing and building the kitchen of your dreams:

Quartz is available in a wide variety of price ranges and brands and is ideal for kitchen countertops. It’s a man-made product that is heat resistant (which you definitely want in a kitchen!), doesn’t require maintenance, doesn’t scratch, and doesn’t wear like granite or marble.

Quartz Countertop

Porcelain tile is available everywhere – and for good reason! It’s very durable, scratch resistant, and especially moisture resistant. Plus, porcelain tile will never stain because moisture won’t soak into it. When used with a high-grade grout, porcelain tile makes for an attractive floor or backsplash that will last for decades.

Porcelain Tile

Speaking of grout, this material has greatly improved in recent years. You can choose from several high-grade grouts that repel stains and moisture, and are typically flexible. Using a high-grade grout will keep your kitchen looking great for years.


Glides and hinges are often overlooked by remodelers but there are definitely different levels of hinges. Good hinges are heavy duty, fully adjustable, and keep your cabinets looking beautiful by staying aligned and affixed to cabinets. Undermount glides are another innovation, providing more strength and better function than standard roller glides. Because they’re full-extension, these glides help give you a full view of what’s in your drawer.      


Granite composite sinks are an attractive and durable option for kitchen (and bathroom) remodels. Manufactured by combining granite and silicone compressed in a high heat mold, these sinks require no maintenance — and are also moisture-, heat-, and scratch-resistant.

Granite Composite Sink

PRO TIP: Granite composite sinks go very well with with quartz countertops!

These are just a few of the products that can make a huge difference in both the durability and the aesthetics of your kitchen project.

At Elegant Kitchen & Bath, your kitchen’s beauty, sustainability, and durability are our top priority. That’s why we recommend the product above for our kitchen remodel clients. We want your kitchen to look great for decades to come!

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