Five Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen

By Code Authority
June 21, 2019

Thousands of homeowners choose to renovate their home every year. Some are looking to update old, deteriorating areas of the house. Others are looking to change up a space for the fun of it. All are deciding to transform an area to improve an aspect or numerous features of the space. 

Kitchens are a popular area of the home to remodel because kitchens are arguably the hub of a house. Families and friends gather in the kitchen to cook, mingle, and participate in other household activities depending on the layout of the space. 

Elegant Kitchen & Bath’s contractors are experts at kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. We’re here to provide you with five reasons to renovate your home’s kitchen. 


One issue that plagues numerous homeowners is lack of storage space – whether that be for kitchen utensils or for food. If you’ve purchased a pre-built home, have growing children with increasing appetites, or simply just need more room, upgrading your cabinetry and pantry to provide more space might be something to consider.

The kitchen is a great gathering space for families and friends. Whether you’re preparing a festive meal for a family gathering, having friends over for a game night, or simply just need more room to cook, a kitchen island is a great way to enhance the functionality of your room – also, don’t forget about the added storage space!

Energy-efficient and clean-lined cooktops are also a great way to pair form and functionality. By reducing the profile and energy-consumption, these appliances not only make the kitchen look better, they’ll help out your pockets as well!


Whether you’re an Instagram influencer or the holiday host of your family, you should renovate your kitchen for aesthetic purposes. 

We know cookie cutters are great tools to use when you’re baking, but you don’t want a cookie-cutter kitchen! Make your kitchen stand out with aesthetically-pleasing appliances, hardware, and lighting.  

Your home is a canvas to express yourself. So, choosing to renovate your kitchen is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Choose colors, patterns, and textures that have meaning to you, or are simply beautiful, and showcase your custom kitchen in whatever way you enjoy.  

Backsplashes, lighting fixtures, cabinetry, and appliances are all ways to help in this area.

Resale Value 

You may not be interested in selling your house now, or ever, but renovating your kitchen can boost the resale value of your home.  

If you’ve toured a model home, or even the home you’re currently living in, you might remember looking at the features of the kitchen before deciding to purchase the house. Realtors and potential homebuyers are interested in the kitchen because a beautiful, functional kitchen is a great selling point and something that the whole family will use. 

Imagine a family touring the house and thinking, “Wow, the kitchen is incredible. I can picture our family making delicious meals while creating memories that last a lifetime there.” That’s what every home seller wants potential buyers to envision! 

Save Energy 

When you choose to renovate your kitchen, you can choose to save energy. From dishwashers to lighting, appliance companies have created modern technologies that fulfill your needs.

Energy-efficient products will save you money on your monthly bill. We all love savings, right? You could take that money you saved to go to a restaurant for dinner, but you’ll probably want to stay home and cook in your state-of-the-art, custom kitchen.  

Also, you’ll help the environment by doing the household activities you partake in daily. Utilize energy-efficient appliances to make an impact outside of the walls that reinforce your home. 

Life is Short 

People are living in one home for a longer period of time than the early 2000s. The market crash of 2008, student loan debt, and several other factors have played into many homeowners’ decision to stay put.

If you’re going to live in a home for an extended period of time, you should enjoy the space to the fullest. Life is short! Enjoy a beautiful kitchen where you can make memories with loved ones. Your midnight snacking atmosphere will be better than ever. 


There are many reasons why homeowners should renovate their kitchen. We know you deserve a home with a custom kitchen to suit your needs. 

If you’re looking for a premier kitchen remodeling service in Dallas, Texas, we at Elegant Kitchen & Bath can help you out. Our professional contractors are happy to schedule an appointment to offer you a free estimate on your kitchen and/or bath remodeling project.  

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