Freestanding Bathtubs

By Code Authority
June 12, 2019

If you’re in the process, or just considering, renovating your bathroom, one important questions looms that could change the entire complexion of your space: freestanding or built-in bathtub?

Built-in bathtubs have become the norm – primarily due to their price point and space efficiency – however, freestanding tubs are becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

Here we’ll dive into the benefits of choosing a freestanding tub for your next bathroom renovation.

Reason #1: Ease of Installation 

Painless, easy, and uncomplicated are all words that relate to freestanding bathtub installation when compared to a standard, built-in tub.

As you could probably interpret from the name, freestanding tubs don’t connect to the preexisting bathroom walls. They are solitary bathroom plumbing fixtures.  

That means you can place the tub in whatever position you prefer, as long as it will fit and can reach the bath’s pipes and necessary equipment. 

Also, installation typically takes less than a day, so you can enjoy your new, luxury bathtub almost immediately.

Reason #2: Comfort 

Looking for a relaxing bathing experience? Freestanding tubs are the way to go. 

The rounded edges and smooth features of most freestanding bathtubs provide the user with a comforting atmosphere to unwind in.  

Placed slightly away from a wall, homeowners can add 360-degree curtains to their standalone tub for privacy or ambiance. Or, leave the tub unenclosed for a more spacious feeling.

Just add a bath bomb, candles, or relaxing music, and you’re set!

Reason #3: Bathing 

If you are interested in a spacious, ambient feeling – freestanding bathtubs offer just that. 

Standalone tubs are typically larger than standard bathtub/shower combos. 

Kids also love the large amount of space there is to splash and play in standalone tubs. It’s basically a small pool for them! 

Reason #4: Beauty 

Beautiful bathtubs are inviting. They entice people to use them, are a topic of speech when guests come over, and act as Pinterest-perfect photo material. 

The tubs can be made out of materials ranging from fiber glass to cast stone to stone resin.

Freestanding bathtubs add a modern yet vintage touch to your bathroom.

Reason #5: Resale 

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses?” It’s a saying for a reason! 

Whether you’re planning on selling your house now or in the future, or if you want to hand down your house at a later time, a freestanding tub will be a highlight for the new resident(s).  

Freestanding tubs are viewed as luxury items because they are not standard bathtubs. So, the value of your home is increased by adding it to your bathroom. 

Reason #6: Seclusion 

Some standalone bathtubs are actually bathtub/shower combos. But, an advantage of a bathtub-only freestanding tub is seclusion. 

Bathroom renovators can create a space for a shower, such as a walk-in shower and a separate space for the freestanding tub. That way, you have dedicated spaces for showering and bathing. 


There are numerous reasons why you should add a freestanding bathtub to your bathroom. If you prefer bathing over showering, it’s time to consider adding a freestanding tub to your master bathroom, or any other household bathroom that would fit one. 

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