Six Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations You Should Consider Before 2020

By Code Authority
November 30, 2019

Who needs a vacation when your new home renovation makes you want to stay put and enjoy your surroundings? We’ve come up with a list of six essential kitchen and bathroom renovations you should consider in 2019 so you can enjoy a remodeled space that everyone in the family will love to spend time in next year. 

Three Essential Kitchen Renovations  

We chose this list based upon the areas of the kitchen homeowners often find troublesome due to a lack of space, access, or functionality. 

Those areas include storage spaces, where food and small appliances are often stored, meal preparation space, as well as seating areas in the kitchen where people can gather and informally eat together. 

Storage Space

Make room for new memories and more kitchen and cooking essentials with a renovated kitchen storage space. Plus, remodeling is also a great time to rediscover everything you’ve had tucked away in that inaccessible, dark pantry corner. We know you missed that electric whisk your in-laws gave you last Christmas!

A few of our favorite ways to store things in the kitchen are with: 

kitchen storage

Open shelving is going out of style, so we recommend steering clear of that option. Check out our blog post, Cool Pantry Features for Modern Kitchens, for additional storage tips and inspiration. 

Meal Prep Space 

You deserve a meal prep space that offers you a vast amount of room to place appliances, cookware, and food without having to shuffle everything around. A kitchen with ample room prep space leads to: 

kitchen remodeling

Kitchens are made for meal preparation, so you shouldn’t have to come up with makeshift surfaces and ways to cook for your loved ones. Put the fold-out table away and call a kitchen remodeling contractor!

Dining Arrangements 

Dining rooms are becoming a place where loved ones gather on special occasions, such as Thanksgiving, as opposed to every day. More and more people are moving away from formal table settings and opting to eat in the kitchen, on couches, and even in bedrooms.  

If you and your household prefer eating anywhere but the dining room, you should consider remodeling the kitchen for eat-in kitchen space. This a less formal option that is often still in view and earshot of entertainment features like televisions and speakers.  

kitchen renovations

More than a convenience feature, remodeling your kitchen for an eat-in dining space is an investment in your family. Eating together is a great way to for you to connect and learn more about one another’s lives, so why not alter your home to allow for more opportunities that promote communication, growth, and togetherness.  

Furthermore, eat-in kitchens are great seating arrangements to use during house parties and other events. People gather in the kitchen, anyway; providing them a space to rest while waiting for food or eating is only considerate. 

Three Essential Bathroom Renovations

This list was created upon considering some of the most desirable features people want in a modern bathroom.  

These features include storage spaces such as closets and cabinets where clothes and more are stored, showers and tubs where people can relax and get clean, as well as energy-efficient features like exhaust fans and showerheads that aid in saving homeowners money and saving the environment, too. 

Storage Space 

Storage space has once again made its way on a list of must-have remodels. Just as in the kitchen, people desire storage space in the bathroom, too. Of course, what’s being stored is different – in the bathroom you’ll find that people want to conceal personal hygiene items, clothes, jewelry, and more. 

A bathroom that doesn’t have enough storage space can end up feeling cluttered and even dirty if things are left in places they don’t belong. It can also become difficult to find things when you need them, which makes getting ready after sleeping past your alarm clock even more difficult. 

A few of our favorite ways to store things in the bathroom are with: 

closet remodel

Showers and Bathtubs 

Do you take a shower or bath more often? Most people are more inclined to routinely choose one or the other. That means there might be an aspect of your bathroom that isn’t being used to its fullest potential and could be renovated to make room for something you’ll appreciate more.  

Plus, baths and showers are meant for cleaning oneself, but they’re also used as in-home relaxation spaces. Homeowners can choose from different types and styles of showers and bathtubs. Among the most elegant are: 

bathroom remodeling

These bathroom features aid in creating a relaxing atmosphere that you’ll be happy to come home to enjoy day after day. For help further help choosing which appliance you should add during your bathroom renovation, check out our blog post, Choosing a Bathtub, Shower, or Combo

Energy-efficient Features 

A bathroom is one of the areas that energy is used daily. From heat and air to water to lighting, people search for ways to save money when using the home features.

To create an energy-efficient bathroom, consider these ideas: 


Energy-efficient products not only save you money, but they aid in saving the environment. To discover how saving energy impacts the world we live in, visit SaveOnEnergy’s website. 

Start Planning Your Home Renovation Today 

The end of the year is near, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to consider renovating your home! Elegant Kitchen & Bath’s remodeling contractors are professionally trained to skillfully modernize the place you call home. 

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