Kitchen Design Trends of 2019

By Code Authority
July 12, 2019

The center of cooking, conversation, and fun – a kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms in any home.

If you’re tired of utilizing outdated appliances or staring at the same dull room – you may be ready for a kitchen remodel.

When renovating a kitchen, there are many options to consider regarding appliances, color schemes, finishes, and everything else that makes up the look and feel of your kitchen.

Here, we’ll discuss the top kitchen design trends of 2019.

Open vs. Closed Concept Kitchens 

Closed kitchen concepts are making a comeback – can you believe it?  

For years, people have argued that open concept kitchens were helpful in maximizing the flow of the house. It kept the cooks a part of the festivities when cooking holiday meals, allowed caregivers to watch children play in a safe place away from hot kitchen appliances, and more. 

Today, homebuyers are opting for closed concept kitchens with dedicated spaces for preparing meals.  

Not only do closed concept layouts offer an exclusive cooking space, it keeps kitchen messes and trash – along with smells – within one area instead of exposing it to the rest of the house.  

Parents and pet owners can also appreciate the positioning of closed concept kitchens because it keeps busy children and animals out of the kitchen as opposed to them going in and out of the food prep area. 

Light vs. Dark Color Schemes 

Out with the bright, white kitchens – in with the dark, dramatic color schemes.  

Dark wood stains and bold backsplashes compliment the dark color schemes by maintaining a consistent ambiance throughout the room.  

People are steering toward modern touches, which means the common metal materials that are installed are complimented by the sleek colors renovators are choosing for the home renovation. 

Dark color schemes are also loved because stains and marks are not as prominent as they would be on a light countertop, cabinet, or appliance.

Hardwood vs. Tile Floors 

With more and more people requesting consistent flooring materials throughout their homes, hardwood is just one consideration of homeowners looking to have a beautiful house.  

While tile is often chosen for flooring in kitchens, hardwood floors offer a natural look that adds pure elegance to any space.  

The Spruce recommends people concerned about moisture, spills or accidents in the kitchen site-finish the hardwood floors rather than purchasing them pre-finished.

Unhidden vs. Concealed Storage 

Effective storage can look different to different people, but open shelving solutions are becoming a trend in 2019. 

Homeowners with antique, unique, or sentimental kitchen pieces can enjoy the display of their items within the house rather than keeping them hidden behind a cabinet door. 

Furthermore, the more is less mentality is also spreading among the minds of millions, and showing off the minimalist lifestyle in a beautiful way fancies homeowners and guests alike.  

People with minimal appliances may not need a giant pantry to store items in, too. So, unhidden storage solutions can be a cost-effective way to store cutlery, food, and more.

Functionality is at the heart of storage solutions, so unhidden appliances, utensils and ingredients ultimately aid the chef of the family in making delicious meals with ease of access. 

Neutral vs. Bold Colors 

Neutral still reigns supreme when renovating your kitchen.  

While some prefer appliances with a pop of color, Better Homes & Gardens website says that “the biggest advantage to a neutral kitchen is that it can be adapted to any style.

Whether you’re a contemporary modern type of house hunter or a farmhouse-look lover, neutral colors are safe go-to colors when renovating a kitchen for one’s family or for resale. 

Thick vs. Thin Countertops 

Thin countertops are less bulky – and typically cheaper – than thick ones, making thin countertops the kitchen remodeler’s choice for 2019 home kitchen renovation projects.  

The cost-effective countertop solutions come in a variety of materials, just like thick countertops. But, some popular choices for thin countertop materials are marble and quartz. 

People like to use marble in their home kitchen renovation because of the material’s beauty and expensive look.  

Furthermore, homeowners enjoy the strength of quartz which is why they choose to install it.

Contrasting vs. Consistent Materials 

Mix and match with contrasting materials throughout the kitchen.  

This 2019 trend is adored by those with eccentric taste because patterns and materials are not limited to plain stainless-steel appliances or square tiled grounds.  

People are free to incorporate a variety of materials with differing looks and textures when they’re renovating the kitchen in 2019.  

Contractors are finding that more and more people are willing to mix metals such as copper, brass, and pewter when renovating their home to include a kitchen of their dreams.

The contrasting materials offer homeowners the flexibility to choose whichever material they want for certain appliances without worrying about the design of the other appliances in the kitchen.  


If you’re thinking about implementing any of the mentioned concepts in your kitchen, it’s time to schedule a consultation with DFW’s elite kitchen and bath remodeling company.  

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