Cool Pantry Features for Modern Kitchens

By Code Authority
August 12, 2019

Modern kitchens often implement the latest decorative trends, the hottest technology on the market, and convenient cooking appliances.  

While we typically talk about what is seen in the kitchen without opening cabinet and other storage doors, there are aspects behind those doors that are critical for the experience you have in the kitchen. 

So, we are going to look into one of the most important areas of the kitchen: the pantry! 

Why is the Pantry Important? 

The pantry is an important part of the kitchen because its accessibility, practicality, and functionality all affect the way actions take place in the kitchen, such as making meals, putting items away, and more. 

Pantries are not only used for storing food, but the small rooms can also be used for the storage of kitchen appliances, seasonal dishware and more.  

When the pantry is organized, you can lessen the amount of food products spoiling, take advantage of the space you have, as well as create more room for meal prep and other kitchen activities.E

Storage Ideas 

Your pantry doesn’t have to just consist of shelves. Adding drawers and closets to the pantry modernize the space, as well as providing concealed storage space for items you don’t use often or want to hide away. 

Built-ins for spices, snacks, and soup and veggie cans are also desirable by many homeowners looking for ways to save space in an organized fashion. 

Clear Containers 

One of the most trendy routes you can go with your pantry is to place loose food items such as rice, pasta, small candies, crackers, etc. in clear jars or containers. By doing this, you eliminate the clunky-looking boxes of cereal and snacks that aren’t visually appealing. 

Plus, it helps household members see the quantity of the food left. Have you ever gone to reach for your favorite cereal and immediately notice the box feeling light? Seeing that there is less than a serving left is enough to put anyone in a bad mood! Clear jars and containers eliminate the guessing game of how much is left in a container and keeps people in-the-know regarding what needs to be listed on this week’s shopping list.

Hidden Storage 

If you’re a cook who doesn’t enjoy carrying ingredients to and from the pantry, a hidden pantry could be the solution for you! 

Kitchen Remodel - Hidden Storage

Concealed storage removes the need for a large pantry, so you have more square footage for the kitchen or connecting rooms such as the dining room or living area. Instead, the items typically found in the pantry are placed strategically near the kitchen workstations. 

Standalone Pantries  

While walk-in pantries have been all-the-rage for years, some are beginning to lean toward standalone pantries. These cost-efficient storage systems are great solutions for modern homes with a kitchen that doesn’t have a built-in pantry.  

Furthermore, you can move standalone pantries whenever and wherever you want! Of course, we suggest moving them while nothing is stored inside.  

We recommend you see how a standalone pantry could even be added in addition to your current pantry, especially if you are looking for extra stockpile space away from the dedicated storage room. 

Tech Ideas 

Technology is implemented everywhere – from billboards to watches, and even chairs. Why not add a touch of tech to your pantry? 


Under-shelving lighting is a cool feature to implement in a modern pantry. Whether you have a walk-in or cabinet pantry, lighting can improve the visibility of items you’re searching for during meal prep or snack time.

Kitchen Remodel - Under Shelf Lighting

Your lighting options include white lights or multi-colored lights. There are even lights you can implement that come with a remote to change the color!

Sustainable Solutions 

Go green with your food and your tech solutions. The pantry is a great area to focus on for eco-friendly tech elements because some pantries don’t come with lighting.  

The professionals at Elegant Kitchen and Bath can implement eco-friendly kitchen technology and lighting, so you can use the pantry and kitchen space efficiently.  

Cooking Appliances 

Some modern kitchens have appliances tucked away inside of a walk-in pantry.  

Countertop appliances like toasters, mixers, and coffee machines can all be found and utilized in the space without carrying them to and from a storage location to the kitchen counter.  

Adding a space in your pantry for cooking appliances is a good idea because it eliminates accidents leading to breakage, burns, and spills.  

Décor Ideas 

Your walk-in pantry doesn’t have to be free of decorations! In fact, walk-in pantries are a wow-factor in themselves, so adding enhancements is encouraged to further the appeal of the space. 

Whiteboard or Blackboard 

What better place to create a shopping list than in the pantry itself?  

Once you notice an item is getting low or it has run out, you can use a whiteboard or blackboard to list what you need during your next trip to the grocery store. Before you leave, take a photo of the board on your phone and use it as a reference when you’re in the store.  

This is an efficient and effective way to grocery shop without saying, “I can’t believe we forget to get more popcorn!” right before your family movie night or dinner at home with friends.  

Hooks or Hangers 

Kids need a place to store their school lunchboxes, and cooks need an area to hang aprons, utensils, and pots or pans. 

Hooks and hangers are a good décor choice for those who don’t want things tucked away in bins or stashed on the pantry floor where people could trip.  


These cool pantry solutions cater to individuals and families alike. People will find that organization in the pantry is key for structure at mealtimes because less time is spent wondering where items are and/or putting them back in an inaccessible place.  

If your pantry needs a makeover, we can help you come up with a kitchen renovation plan that implements your dream kitchen ideas. Need help picturing what that dream is? We’re here to help.  

Modernizing your home in the kitchen and bathroom areas is our passion. Rely on our services for your upcoming home renovation project by visiting our website and contacting us. We’re ready to set up your free kitchen and/or bathroom renovation!