Why Every Homeowner Should Include an Island in Their Next Kitchen Remodel

By Code Authority
September 7, 2019

A kitchen containing upgraded cabinets, appliances, and other storage and utility components might be beautiful, but why not go a step further and make it elegant with a kitchen island?  

These centralized workspaces can assist you in more ways than one. Kitchen islands can solve problems you might currently have such as a lack of meal prep room, entertainment space, or seating availability. Plus, they serve as storage areas, appliance hubs, and more! 

By answering some of our clients’ most-asked questions about kitchen islands, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of kitchen islands and explain why you need one in your kitchen ASAP! 

How Does a Kitchen Island Differ From a Traditional Counter?

Kitchen counters are usually closed-off spaces that are reachable from one or two sides, typically. Conversely, kitchen islands are spaced just far enough away from the kitchen counters, making them accessible from more than one or two sides at a time.  

Additionally, traditional counter space isn’t likely used as a seating option, whereas a kitchen island can be! A multifunctional kitchen island can provide both food prep and seating space, maximizing the potential that can’t come from traditional counter space.

The kitchen island might differ from the traditional counter space in style, too. We’ll get to that point soon.

What Can I Do At a Kitchen Island?

The islands are a great asset to have in the kitchen when you’re hosting a large number of people, especially during holidays or big events such as birthdays or graduations. Why is that? Because people can serve delicious food, create fun crafts, and even seat themselves at the island while eating, drinking, and chatting. 

The islands are also perfect for prepping food for the week or making a single meal. No one likes feeling cramped or out of space. Kitchen islands offer homeowners space and functionality they need to create meals, crafts, and memories.

Who Is a Kitchen Island Best Suited For? 

While individuals and couples can enjoy them on a daily basis, kitchen island workspaces offer a lot to people who frequently entertain family, friends, colleagues, and other guests. 

Furthermore, large families with similar mannerisms that a small group of people might partake in – such as forming a line to get food for dinner in the kitchen – can benefit from a kitchen island. The additional counter space keeps family members at peace, as opposed to forcibly squeezing in small spaces and reaching for inaccessible items like utensils and food.  

Why Is a Kitchen Island a Good Investment? 

Investing in a kitchen island is actually investing in yourself. With a functional island, you can cut downtime you spend meal prepping with accessible appliances and storage, limit the frustration of interacting in tight quarters, and more. Plus, the kitchen component is a piece of your home to be proud of – one that’s both beautiful and functional. Ultimately, investing in a kitchen island is an investment for your happiness. 

Ease of access, added workspace, and beauty arguably makes investing in a kitchen island appealing to many. While your current satisfaction may be on the top of your mind, it’s important to realize that a kitchen island can also boost the resale value of your home! 

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The addition of a kitchen island often comes along with other kitchen renovation projects, but even if it’s a standalone – literally and figuratively – project, the simple kitchen upgrade can attract homebuyers and leasers.  

What Can Kitchen Islands Be Made Of?

Just like kitchen countertops and cabinets, kitchen islands can be made from a variety of materials. 

Popular elements include granite, wood, marble, quartz, and tile. Which of those materials you choose to incorporate depends on a few things: 

Some homeowners choose to keep the materials and colors consistent by matching the surrounding cabinetry and appliances. The cohesion of elements creates harmony within the room that many people find desirable. 

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Other people want to make the island an accent piece that stands out from the rest of the room by incorporating different materials and colors.  

What Features Can My Kitchen Island Have? 

Typical kitchen island components can include a combination of: 

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Where Can I Find Kitchen Island Inspiration? 

To find more inspiration for your kitchen remodel, including kitchen island implementation, visit DIY, home renovation, and professional remodeling websites such as PinterestHGTV, and Elegant Kitchen & Bath.  

Create a Functional Kitchen Island Today 

Every homeowner needs a kitchen island whether you’re the chef of the family or the entertainer. The assets can be highly beneficial for you and guests from offering food preparation space to added seating spots. 

You can create a functional kitchen island that incorporates all of the features that would make living life in the kitchen easier and more fun. The professionals at Elegant Kitchen & Bath are here to fulfill your vision by guiding you through the process from consultation to completion.  

If you’re looking for a premier kitchen remodeling service in Dallas, Texas, we are happy to help. Our professional contractors want to schedule an appointment to offer you a free estimate on your kitchen and/or bathroom remodeling project. So, contact us online today for your free consultation!